There is a lot of chatter online lately about affiliate marketing related to informational products or systems.  Today I want to share with you a few major reasons to try marketing real, tangible products instead. First, let me lay down the top three reasons that starting out with information products can be challenging:find this

You need to have a following, a trusting audience, before your recommendations for these type of products will mean anything.

You need to do a lot of research to ensure you are aligning yourself and your reputation with a reputable source (which can be hard to find in the informational product arena). The heavy hitters have so much power and leverage that it is very challenging to get any real profits rolling in for most newcomers.

Now– Let’s talk about some of the major reasons why Affiliate Marketing of real products makes sense.

1 You can set up a simple account with a vendor (such as Amazon), and leverage their branding and trust in the marketplace.

2 You can create simple and highly targeted offers based on product names, model numbers, even down to the various colors some products are available in (like “pink apple iPod, or purple iPod nano)

3 When you apply a little creativity, the possibilities are nearly endless.  When you can find a product that is already in demand, and filter it down as specific as possible to a target audience,  your chances for simple sales greatly increases.

The author team explains how to evaluate your needs and objectives and strategize how to achieve this, through flow planning, set-up, breaks, and getting the participants involved. They explain how first impressions count, getting commitment from the learners and how to pull off brainstorming sessions.

Visual Aids are often used incorrectly, this book explains how to use them right, from overheads to flipcharts to powerpoints. Market boards, handouts and video all covered in the book. Setting the pace and keeping the training going is paramount, ample breaks, refreshments and pace are discussed as well.