Today the internet has become an integral part of modern lifestyle. Every one requires it for sending e-mails, downloading files and acquiring information. In this fast-paced life, a slow internet connection is a cause of irritation indeed. It leads to wastage of time along with it causing a lot of inconvenience. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative to know about how to deal with a sluggish internet connection. By following the steps mentioned below you can increase browsing speed and send or receive e-mails faster than before. check over here

Compress files before you send them

You should compress or zip files if you are sending multiple files together related to similar subject lines. The combined size of several files can be reduced by a compression utility like WinZip or WinRAR. These can be sent in less time as it occupies less space in the inbox of the recipient and helps to improve your browsing speed.

Turn-off graphics in Windows Internet Explorer

Another extremely good way of increasing browsing speed is by turning-off the graphics. Graphics take more time to load and therefore opting out of this will surely increase internet speed to a great extent.

Increase your cache for faster web pages loading

If you increase the size of the temporary Internet files cache in Internet Explorer, you will have better browsing speed. It happens because your system can revisit web pages easily if they are stored as temporary files. You computer takes less time to open a page because images of such pages are already downloaded and stored on your system as temporary Internet files.

Offline browsing

If you need to visit a particular page frequently then you can save the webpage locally on your system and browse the page even if you are not connected. It saves your time and you get the required information even if the connection is lost.

With so much information available on the web you require fast Internet connection to keep your productivity high. But at times, you may come across issues that require expert tech support. The best way of getting it done quickly is to seek the help of an expert computer support service provider.

Optimizing Microsoft Outlook with a slow internet connection

Here are some of the ways by which you can easily work your way with Microsoft Outlook:

Use simple e-mail signatures to reduce the e-mail size

E-mail signatures give a professional look to your messages but they also occupy unnecessary space. Multiple images used in the signature increase the time required to send an e-mail due to its heavy size. So by not using them you indirectly contribute to speedy internet browsing.

You are recommended to use simple signatures created with distinctive texts, combining fonts, colors and type sizes. It makes your signature small and you can send or receive e-mails faster.

Use Contact Groups to send e-mails

Contact Groups is a utility offered by Microsoft Outlook that can be used to send e-mails to multiple people in the same group. It expedites the process of sending e-mails as compared to sending mails to each recipient separately.

Use Cache Exchange Mode in Outlook to work offline

You can continue working with your Microsoft Outlook by using Cached Exchange Mode even if your internet connection is lost due to any reason. It happens because a copy of your mailbox gets stored on your computer with the Cached Exchange Mode. It improves your browsing speed because it enables you to reach your data quickly. This is because it is frequently updated with the mail server. Fast browsing has numerous benefits. You save a lot of time while downloading data, sending or receiving e-mails, sending large files etc. Moreover, slow browsing irritates the user as he needs to spend more time. To improve browsing speed call an experienced computer support service provider and enjoy the benefits.