There are many forms of psychic abilities and clairvoyance is one of the most outstanding. A fine clairvoyant definition describes someone with the ability to see things with the third eye of the higher mind which is located near the pituitary gland. A second clairvoyant definition is about having clear sight. The word ‘clairvoyance’ is derived from two French words i.e. ‘clair’ which means clear and ‘voyance’ meaning vision.Do you want to learn more? Visit Psycic Advisor.

From these explanations we can see that psychics, using clairvoyance, are able to give crystal clear readings replete with accurate accounts of people, objects and places etc. Everybody has had an encounter such as thinking of someone and then that person calls or comes to visit you. This means that everyone is capable of clairvoyance but only some people have an enhanced capacity of using this ability.

From the clairvoyant definition above we are also able to comprehend that clairvoyance is a paranormal or divine way of understanding an event or situation by being able to overcome the barriers of time and location or space. Clairvoyant readings are as such not dependant on human intelligence because it has nothing to do with the five human senses; only the sixth one is applicable. Clairvoyants are thus able to guide others to find their purpose on earth, make informed decisions, and to help them discover their strengths and weaknesses and act upon them. Clairvoyant readings help people to overcome their self-imposed attitudes and beliefs, and which may have been the stumbling blocks to their success and rightful destinies.

In relation to the clairvoyant definition which implies that clairvoyance is not subject to the barriers of time and location, it means that consulting a clairvoyant is possible no matter how far apart the two parties are. As such, psychics and mediums are now using communication channels such as online chat, phone, SMSs, video conferencing and so forth to have sessions with their clients. However, such forms of interaction have become a breeding ground for con artists who claim to give clairvoyant readings, and who have for a long time conned people out of their money especially those after readings with regards to money, love and even healing.

The best way to find genuine clairvoyants is to seek information about their experiences with their abilities. Comments, feedback and fraud alerts can also help you to stay away from scammers. People are generally advised not to seek healing from psychics and mediums but rather qualified medical personnel. Although the clairvoyant definition provides that psychics can give us accurate readings, the client needs to be part of the success of the session. He/she can do this by maintaining a clear and open mind, and more importantly give truthful accounts of any information that the psychic or medium may require.