When it comes to creating an online business lack of focus is probably the biggest thing holding us back. Focus is important on 2 levels. Firstly you have your long term focus which is what you want to ultimately achieve. Stop reading this for a moment and ask yourself what do you want? Financial freedom? To be able to leave your current job and work at home? A new house? A world cruise? That is your long term focus this what will drive you if you harness it. If you want it enough and focus on it you will get it.Do you want to learn more? Visit how to start llc with professional.

I knew someone who wanted to move out of her cramped apartment into a nice house. She searched the internet and the local real estate offices until she found her dream home. She then got photographs and plans of the house and placed them on the wall behind her PC. Those photographs and what they stood for were her focus, whenever she felt de-motivated she would grab a coffee and stare at the photographs and repeat to herself “I will have that house” Soon she was motivated again. Just over a year later she finalized the purchase of a similar house.

The other type of focus we need to consider is short term focus. Lack of short term focus will stop your attaining your long term goals. How many times has the following happened to you? You go to your PC to build a site but before you start you check your email, you find something interesting so you browse the internet for something related. The next thing you know 2 hours have passed and you’ve done nothing!

Try to get yourself a regime, each morning I now log onto my pc, check my email for anything important then close down my email program. I then close down any Instant messaging software so that I can’t be disturbed. I then work for at least 3 hours like this. Keep focusing on your short term goals and your long term goals will be achieved.