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Look For Current Web Design Trends

Web design is something which requires a lot of creativity. The web design trends keep on changing and currently the focus is on functionality rather than designing. Let us discuss the types of trends which the people are using nowadays to make their website more user friendly and nice.see it here

1- Simple design, Excellent Functionality- The website design should be simple and smart. More focus should be given on the functionality rather than the design. No matter if the design is not flashy, it should be easy to handle by the users.

2- Design for the Mobile- The world is moving at a great pace and currently more and more people are visiting the sites through their mobile. New technologies like the 3G and the 4G have made the access to the websites easier than before. The websites should be designed for the mobile audience and therefore should be easy to navigate and the download time should be less.

3- The color combination should be simple and comfortable to the eyes. The colors chosen should be according to the audience targeted. Different countries follow different design patterns and the color combination should be chosen keeping in mind these points.

4- The navigation should be easy and simple. The scrolling should not be very much. Unnecessary matter should be removed from the website.

5- The time for touchscreens has come, hence liquid layouts should be considered. Visitors could change their viewing orientation from vertical to horizontal. Drop down menus should be avoided as much as possible.

6- More creative domain names are in use today. The competition is becoming tougher with every passing day and we are expecting that the coming domains should be creative enough to attract the visitors.

7- Use less flash in your design- Most of the visitors come to the site with the help of the search engines and the visitors have become smart enough to see a preview of the site in search engines like Google before entering the website. If your website contains a lot of flash then your website’s preview should not be very clear.

8- The images used in the site are a reflection of your creativity. Choosing images which are large, easily viewable, blur free are in today’s demand. It has been rightly said that the two most important parts of a website are the content and the image in it. Hence choosing images that are suitable for your site and reflects the purpose of your site is extremely necessary.