Career Coach Training

Career Coach Training

Are you a career coach? Do you want to help your clients find better jobs, get promotions and thrive in the job market, no matter the economy? But in order to help your coaching clients do all of that, you must find those clients first. Check This Out

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If you are a career coach who is looking for more clients, read this article! In this article we will discuss the top three things that you must do as a career coach, in order to create a thriving career coaching business in any economy.

Here are the top three things you need to do:

-Define Your Career Coaching Business Better

What do you say to people who ask you what you do? If you still tell them that you are a career coach, you must make changes to that answer! Telling people that you are a career coach doesn’t help them understand better what you do and doesn’t help them refer clients to you.

Instead of telling them that you are a career coach, tell them that you help mid-career professionals get promoted faster. Or tell them that you help new college graduates find their first dream jobs. Or tell them that you help women over 40 create their dream jobs.

Don’t just say that you are a career coach – tell people exactly who you work with and how you can help them. This way you are going to get many more client referrals, because people you are speaking with will immediately know who to refer to you.

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-Start Marketing Online

There are many people who are looking for your career coaching services online, so why not promote your business to them? Get started by creating an effective web site, starting a newsletter and a blog.

Once you are there, take a look at social networking and article marketing. Create an online presence that brings your perfect clients to you, every single day.

-Create A Marketing Strategy

Decide on how your marketing strategy will work. How you will be bringing people to your web site, how you will be converting them into leads and then how you will be converting them into clients.

The most effective way to get career coaching clients online is by knowing exactly the path that your potential clients will take to become your clients.