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There are many forms of psychic abilities and clairvoyance is one of the most outstanding. A fine clairvoyant definition describes someone with the ability to see things with the third eye of the higher mind which is located near the pituitary gland. A second clairvoyant definition is about having clear sight. The word ‘clairvoyance’ is derived from two French words i.e. ‘clair’ which means clear and ‘voyance’ meaning vision.Do you want to learn more? Visit Psycic Advisor.

From these explanations we can see that psychics, using clairvoyance, are able to give crystal clear readings replete with accurate accounts of people, objects and places etc. Everybody has had an encounter such as thinking of someone and then that person calls or comes to visit you. This means that everyone is capable of clairvoyance but only some people have an enhanced capacity of using this ability.

From the clairvoyant definition above we are also able to comprehend that clairvoyance is a paranormal or divine way of understanding an event or situation by being able to overcome the barriers of time and location or space. Clairvoyant readings are as such not dependant on human intelligence because it has nothing to do with the five human senses; only the sixth one is applicable. Clairvoyants are thus able to guide others to find their purpose on earth, make informed decisions, and to help them discover their strengths and weaknesses and act upon them. Clairvoyant readings help people to overcome their self-imposed attitudes and beliefs, and which may have been the stumbling blocks to their success and rightful destinies.

In relation to the clairvoyant definition which implies that clairvoyance is not subject to the barriers of time and location, it means that consulting a clairvoyant is possible no matter how far apart the two parties are. As such, psychics and mediums are now using communication channels such as online chat, phone, SMSs, video conferencing and so forth to have sessions with their clients. However, such forms of interaction have become a breeding ground for con artists who claim to give clairvoyant readings, and who have for a long time conned people out of their money especially those after readings with regards to money, love and even healing.

The best way to find genuine clairvoyants is to seek information about their experiences with their abilities. Comments, feedback and fraud alerts can also help you to stay away from scammers. People are generally advised not to seek healing from psychics and mediums but rather qualified medical personnel. Although the clairvoyant definition provides that psychics can give us accurate readings, the client needs to be part of the success of the session. He/she can do this by maintaining a clear and open mind, and more importantly give truthful accounts of any information that the psychic or medium may require.


Men’s Hair Cuts

Today’s men’s haircuts are very reminiscent of days gone by. Almost all of the haircut styles men are wearing now have been around for years and years. Even some cuts worn by popular celebrities are the same ones that men had centuries ago. Now days, just about every haircut is considered to be acceptable, but in days gone past society wasn’t always as tolerant as it is now. No matter what haircut you decide to wear, your haircut represents who you are. The following haircuts are some of the popular men’s haircuts right now.

The Fade – This haircut is a clipper cut, that is scalp short on the bottom layers and gradually tapered up to a length that will stand up on top. It is very short and very cool in hot climates and also very “cool” looking. Other styles like the fade are the “crew cut” or the “flat top”, they are usually combed upward and held in place with a gel, wax or pomade. Men’s Haircut¬†

The High and Tight – Another clipper cut, it’s shaved close to the scalp from the nape to the top area of the head. The remaining hair on top is clipped very short and tapered downward to eliminate a ridge. The High and Tight needs to trimmed weekly or biweekly to maintain. It’s a very popular haircut for men in the military and law enforcement field.

The Skater’s cut – An even layer cut that starts at the eyebrow level and hangs over the ears then rounds the nape of the neck. It usually has a “grown out” look that swoops to one side. Made popular in the 1960’s as the “Beatle Cut”, it’s one of the most in style men’s haircuts today.

The Shag – Is shoulder length and is cut from the bottom to the top with each layer getting shorter until it blends into long bangs. The Shag usually part itself in the middle, since its layers graduate to the top. This haircut has been popular for men
and women, since the 1970’s.


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Need more reasons to eat seafood? Well, seafood is rich in Omega – 3 acids, a nutrient that keeps blood pressure, arthritis and even heart diseases under control. Of course, Omega – 3 acids are present in other food items as well, but none of them are as wholesomely healthy as seafood. Seafood is great because it is low in saturated fat and hence it is a better source of protein than poultry and red meat. Need another reason to opt for a seafood delivery service?

If you live in an area that does not produce seafood because of its distance with the sea, ordering from a seafood delivery service is not only a good idea, it is economical as well.


All about Content Planner

Is your posting on social networking sites carefully planned? Are you seeing the results you desire from your social media content? If not, you need to create or update your plan for building your online presence. Here are seven basic steps to creating a successful social media content creation and posting plan.Content Planner is an excellent resource for this.

1. Identify your desired audience.

Be as specific as possible. List characteristics, wants, and common problems they face at the top of your social media content creation and posting plan.

2. List places where these people already hang out.

Will you find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or a specific professional forum? Are they members of your Chamber of Commerce or recent conference attendees? Add columns to your plan for each location you may want to post information.

3. Listen to their needs and desires.

What are they looking for? What questions are being asked? What do they really want? Be sure to include these as themes in your plan.

4. Learn what format they prefer for consuming content.

Do they want an audio to download and listen to during their commute? Does video hold the greatest appeal? Are they busy professionals or speed readers who could read your message in thirty seconds without listening to or watching you for six minutes? Are they educators who need to preview your content quickly in order to determine if you meet their school guidelines for appropriateness? Make note of content formats on your plan so you always know what link will be most desirable to a prospective customer.

5. Take stock of what you already have to offer and where you are lacking a presence.

Do you have articles and not much else? You could turn these into audios, break them into short blog posts, or create a series of tweets. Do you have audios or videos that could be transcribed into an article? Use previously created content to make it easier to post frequently and consistently. Use your plan to stay on track of your ever-expanding online presence.

6. Include a call to action.

Just as you know what your audience wants, you should know exactly what you desire to accomplish with your social media content. Your plan should include both an easy-to-follow call to action and a specific outcome you hope to achieve when people follow your instructions. Putting it in writing makes it easier to see where you might need to make adjustments.

7. Make note of your current social networking results.

Are people commenting on your articles, blog posts, Facebook updates, and tweets? Are they retweeting and sharing? Are readers clicking through to your Web site? Are visitors contacting you? Are they making a purchase? What do you need to change-your call to action, where you post, how often you share valuable information-to reach your goals?A sample entry in your plan might read “Where: Twitter, Date: 12/1, Theme or title: social media plan, Format: video link, Call To Action: download template, Result: # downloads.”Know your audience and what they want then create content in formats that appeal to them. Post your valuable information where they will find it easily. Share your expertise in multiple locations for maximum exposure. Include a call to action. Aim to post consistently on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis based on your desired outcome, and track your results.